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Why we designed and built our Mighty Samson ATV trailer

Our story is like many many others. An invention was born out of need. Our vision became our Mighty Samson trailer. We found that there wasn’t any such trailer on... read more

A Few Things To Consider When Purchasing a Utility Trailer

When making the decision to invest in a utility trailer, Refuge Rock Trailers would like to make the job a bit easier by giving you a few important things to... read more

Versatile solutions for farmers and ranchers

Every day, farmers and ranchers load up their trailers with agricultural products, animals, machinery or supplies and haul those materials to and from their farms and ranches. Refuge Rock Trailers... read more

Is the Mighty Samson right for you?

The Mighty Samson UTV trailer helps you work smarter, not harder! If you are a farmer, rancher, landscaper, groundskeeper, hunter, camper, handyman, maintenance worker, any-working man, any-working woman, Mighty Samson... read more

Selecting a Landscaping Trailer That Goes Anywhere

You see them everywhere...landscape trailers. It would be difficult to run a business without one. While many of them look alike, Refuge Rock Trailers points out the features you’ll want... read more

Mighty Samson - the Hard Working Trailer for Hard Working People

At Refuge Rock Trailers we have incorporated the latest technology and advanced engineering to give you rugged trailers designed to go anywhere you take your ATV or UTV. Mighty Samson... read more

Best Places to Take Your Off-Road Trailer This Spring While Camping

Spring is around the corner and your off-road adventure awaits! If you’re having trouble finding places close to home to ride your ATVs and 4X4s, there are a number of... read more

Some Great Off Road Trips

Mighty Samson is a unique off road utility trailer available exclusively from Refuge Rock Trailers.With the winter months coming to an end, many people’s thoughts turn to vacation. Refuge Rock... read more

How to choose the right ATV trailer

Spring is right around the corner, and so are spring projects. Spring projects take time and effort so you need to make sure that you have all the right tools... read more

Introducing Mighty Samson

At Refuge Rock Trailers we know that trailers of all sorts do exist. Some are useful for their designed, but limited, purpose. Based on our experiences with ranch and general... read more

Introducing Refuge Rock Trailers in Prescott

At Refuge Rock Trailer in Prescott, we manufacture REAL trailers for REAL people who do REAL work. Our trailers were developed while working the ranch which required a "REAL" trailer... read more
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