The Mighty Samson Features

Necessity... The Mother of invention

When I find that a tool is non-existent, inadequate, unproductive, or otherwise useless... I invent or re-invent it! Such is the case with the birth of Refuge Rock Trailers, LLC and the Mighty Samson™ utility trailer. Yes, trailers of all sorts do exist. Some are useful for their designed, but limited, purpose. I discovered by my own experience with ranch and general property development that there is NOT a utility trailer that meets the needs of the farmer, rancher, landscaper, groundskeeper, hunter, camper, handyman, maintenance worker, any-working man, any-working woman. The Mighty Samson UTV trailer helps you work smarter, not harder!

Trailer Specifications:

  • Box:  94 ½” x 58” (L x W), inside measurement
  • Deck height: 29 ½” from ground
  • Fixed Sides: 12 ½”, wood
  • Side Extensions: Extends sides to 27”, expanded metal
  • Overall Length: 11’ 2”, tongue to rear of box
  • Clearance: 16” under trailer
  • Towing hitch: 2” ball
  • Hauling capacity: 4,500pounds


Seeing is believing, click on a video below to see the Mighty Samson in action






























Additional Features Include:

  • Sturdy frame constructed of heavy gauge, square and rectangular tubing for strength and durability
  • Unique and exclusive suspension, with totally independent walking beam suspension and resilient shock absorbing cushions. Our suspension allows the trailer to climb over obstacles as high as 8” while still keeping the payload in the trailer stable.
  • The Mighty Samson can carry 4,500 pounds - that’s over 2 tons!
  • The Mighty Samson can be pulled by a UTV, SUV, tractor, or any other vehicle with adequate towing ability using a 2” ball hitch. *Note: NEVER exceed the manufacturer's recommended towing capacity.
  • Mighty Samson is built to resist the elements with an enamel finish on the frame that is UV resistant to give you many years of service.
  • Mighty Samson has an electric hydraulic hoist that is battery powered and raises to 40 degrees.
  • Mighty Samson comes with fixed sides that are 12.5 inches tall, but have swing up, expanded metal sides that increase the height of the box and the load capacity.
  • Flooring of the trailer is galvanized steel which provides a smooth surface to make unloading of dirt, grass/tree clippings, or that trophy game animal easier. It also makes the floor easy to wash clean. The trailer has reinforced underlayment with pressure treated plywood for durability.
  • The standard side panels are wood that is attractive, durable and painted with a weather resistant coating.
  • Mighty Samson has a hydraulic scissor-lift hoist, with a 3” diameter high-pressure cylinder, powered by the trailer’s self-contained power unit.  Operates at 3,000 psi. Hydraulic scissor lift is dual action: power-up, as well as power-down.  The power-down draws the trailer bed down tightly to the frame, which lessens banging and noise of an otherwise loose box-to-main frame connection.
  • For those heavy loads, we offer an optional winch feature to assist in loading heavy cargo, game carcasses, tree stumps and more.
  • Mighty Samson has tires that are 22 ½” tall and 8” wide to provide excellent traction and also flotation
  • The inside diameter of the trailer is 94 ½” long x 58” wide allowing you space for hauling large objects with no problem
  • With a fully loaded trailer, Mighty Samson can traverse ruts or objects of 7.5” without the tire contacting the box (9.5” with empty trailer)

Available Options

  • Water tank (400 gallon)
  • Shovel holder
  • Toolbox with chainsaw holder
  • Winch: electric powered with 2500 or 3500-pound capacity
  • 12g galvanized all-steel floor decking
  • Bamboo/Composite side boards
  • Multi bucket holder

Rough terrain is our specialty, so don't hold back! Go where you need to go and take your equipment with you. Mighty Samson is a perfect match for anyone who works, plays, or wants to explore with a pull-behind trailer that’s not afraid of heavy loads!

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