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It started as a dream... Our vision

My wife and I purchased a 38-acre parcel of land which was to one day be our long-dreamed of "retirement" ranch. I have placed the word retirement in quotes, because there is no retirement-like rest to be had in developing and maintaining any home, property, farm, or ranch. There’s always work to be done, and lots of it! Though it's a four-letter word, we embrace "work" as a blessing rather than a curse. We believe … "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,"  (Colossians 3:23).

We started with bare and dusty land full of rats, weeds, rocks, and thousands of juniper stumps. We cleared the land, burned the stumps, mowed the weeds, planted hundreds of trees, installed irrigation to all, excavated the stream and the ponds, fenced and irrigated the pastures, tilled and seeded the fields, built the house, barn, and sheds, planted an orchard and garden, and landscaped it all. Was it "work"?  You bet it was, and still is!  It has been, and still is, a joyful and satisfying pleasure to develop and maintain the paradise which would eventually become… Refuge Rock Ranch.

Refuge Rock Ranch belongs to God, as a place of rest and refuge for all.  We have the great honor of serving as the development and maintenance crew.

Steven LeMert (Owner, Inventor, Engineer)

I was born into a dairy farming family in North Dakota.  We endured sub-zero winters and dusty, hot summers. We cleared land, tilled and toiled, and planted, and harvested. I worked before school, after school, and all summer.  We worked!  A loving family, and farming, provide the best education a child can receive. I was blessed to have both. I learned how to work, not just how to perform chores.  I learned the ethic that hard work is honorable, enjoyable, and satisfying for a man’s sense of integrity. I learned how to craft and manufacture a needed tool when one didn’t exist that would fit the job. I learned how to fix whatever was broken. I learned how to plan and reason through any given project. I learned the details of how to manage a successful business. I learned that my success in business, and in life, is directly proportional to the effort (work!) that I personally invest. What I later learned in college certainly expanded my intellectual knowledge, but would have proven to be useless, had I not first had the foundational skills of how, why, and when, to work effectively.

I have since started, developed, and expanded several successful businesses. I’ve engineered and manufactured products in the residential, commercial, and landscape construction industries.  My successes in the corporate world have lead me back to my beginnings, and the realization of my desire of returning to farm life. After many years of working and searching, this dream became reality.

Our Mission

We uphold the work ethic that emphasizes pride in producing a premium-quality American built product which will be an integral partner in the work and recreational efforts of our customers.

We manufacture, by the work of American engineering and craftsmen, a premium-quality working trailer that works as hard as those who rely on it. 

  • Manufacture a premium-quality trailer to make chores easier, daily work more productive, and outdoor recreation more enjoyable.  
  • Produce a quality product that is produced by hard-working craftsmen, for hard-working people.
  • Meet, and exceed, the expectations of our customers with a premium-quality product and continued support after the sale.

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